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Replies may take up to 12 hours.

DRESS CODE: While we understand sportswear is trending to a day to day fashion, we will be operating a strict no sportswear policy on Friday Saturday nights, bank holidays & special occasions. 

Under 18s will be denied entry after 6pm
If they are accompanied by an adult then you may dine indoors. 
While there is a DJ EVENT on then no UNDER 18S will be allowed on our terrace / bar area. 

We do not take reservations on the terrace

Restaurant is for Dining Only - We do not take bookings for drinks

For tables of 5 people or more, deposits of £5per person are required to secure the booking.(May change on special occasions)
Deposits are authorised via the card holder in the event of  any cancellations or reduced numbers without 24 hours OR if you decide to sit on the terrace the deposit will be Forfeited. 

The Management has the right to decide.

Tables of 2 & 3 are subjected to 1.5hour sitting.

4+ are subjected to 2 hours.

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